San Francisco California Medical Malpractice Lawyers

$500,000 Mediated settlement for Negligently Planned Radiation Therapy.
Our 63-year-old client underwent a pyloric sparing Whipple procedure to remove a tumor from his bile duct. No radiation or chemo therapy was necessary. Then, seven months later, a small abdominal wall nodule was found which was thought to have been seeded secondary to the extraction of a drain tube from the first procedure. Chemotherapy, followed by radiation therapy was recommended. » Read More

Our Client v. Confidential LASIK Doctor
$1.75 million settlement in a medical malpractice case against a San Jose ophthalmologist who performed LASIK surgery on a patient with preexisting glaucoma, causing permanent damage to his optic nerves and resulted in blindness.

Our clients v. Kaiser Permanente
$1,200,000 mediated settlement to a brain damaged single man suffering with Friedrich's Ataxia (a chronic life shortening neurological disease). He went to the emergency room with a stomach ache and during his stay in the emergency room he was given medication which drove his blood pressure dangerously low causing a lack of oxygen to his brain. He was already wheelchair bound and unable to walk but this insult sent him into a vegetative state.

Our Client v. Confidential Hospital
$1 million settlement in a medical malpractice case against a hospital for failing to identify and treat fetal distress during birth, which caused birth defects in the baby.

Our Client v. Jinmei Woan, M.D. and Mullikin Medical Center
$710,000 verdict in a medical malpractice case against a doctor who negligently performed a lumbar puncture, also known as a spinal tap, which caused permanent radiating back and leg pain.

This is a medical malpractice action for the recovery of damages. Plaintiff suffered total renal failure in as a result of uncontrolled hypertension, despite being under the care of defendants for blood pressure control over the prior three-year period. In short, defendants committed malpractice by failing to monitor plaintiff's blood pressure at appropriate intervals, failing to call plaintiff back to the office for examinations, failing to refer plaintiff to a nephrologist (kidney specialist), and repeatedly approving requests for authorizations of refills of prescribed medications which were not ineffectively controlling the hypertension. » Read More

Our Client vs. Confidential Medical Clinic
$500,000 settlement for the wrongful death of a wife and mother of adult children due to breast cancer that went undiagnosed despite radiological evidence of a tumor.

Our Client vs. Confidential Medical Clinic
$500,000 settlement against a doctor and his clinic because of the failure to properly read a PSA test, leading to he spread of prostate cancer.

Our Client vs. Kaiser Permanente
$365,000 wrongful death binding arbitration award to the wife of a man whose arterosclerotic heart disease went undiagnosed by Kaiser despite numerous repeated visits to the emergency room and clinics by the patient complaining of chest pain and shortness of breath. The necessary diagnostic tests were not done resulting in advancement of the heart disease causing early death.

Our Client v. Paul W. Anderson, M.D.
$300,000 verdict in a medical malpractice case against a radiologist who failed to recognize a cancerous tumor on a mammogram, which delayed the diagnosis of breast cancer and allowed the tumor grow into an advanced stage.

Our Client v. Nancy Carteron, M.D.
$239,000 verdict in a medical malpractice case involving the negligent prescription of the drug Methotrexate to a patient with compromised kidneys.