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Sexual abuse perpetrated by an authority figure is an appalling reality for far too many children and adolescents in California and across the country. Priests, ministers, church officials and workers, coaches, teachers, day care workers, park rangers, and other trusted adults who sexually molest children ruin lives and cause irreparable psychological damage.

The individual pedophile can be tried as a criminal, but can rarely be held financially accountable. His or her sponsoring or employing organization—the church, diocese, school, school district, or other public or corporate entity—may be liable for its failure to adequately supervise and screen the perpetrator.

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For more than 30 years, trial lawyers at Abramson Smith Waldsmith, LLP, have represented children and adolescents sexually abused and molested by trusted authority figures. Our law firm has the resources and the professional will to thoroughly investigate, prepare, and present sexual abuse and molestation cases. We take systematic depositions from the victim and his or her psychotherapist, from psychiatric child sex abuse experts, from any witnesses, and from the perpetrator's supervisors and organizational leaders. We seek to reveal all relevant facts and evidence, to establish psychological harm, and to demonstrate fault within the organization where appropriate.

No monetary amount can compensate for the damage that child sexual abuse causes. However, damage awards can be powerful financial incentives for schools, churches, and other organizations to screen and monitor their employees who regularly interact with children and teenagers. Adequate financial compensation can also defray the cost of long term psychotherapy and psychiatric care.

Throughout our personal injury practice, we devote our full personal attention to every case that we accept. We believe that effective representation in child sex abuse cases requires not only exceptional legal skill, but the ability to respond to psychologically damaged children and outraged parents. If you or a loved one has been sexually abused by a person in authority, please contact our law firm today.