Special Issues Affect Sports And Recreation Injury Claims

California offers many recreational and sporting opportunities on playgrounds and waterways and in city parks, gyms, forests and mountains. Malfunctioning equipment or the reckless/negligent conduct of another can cause serious accidents.

Claims related to sports and recreation injuries can be more complicated. The attorneys at Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP have helped clients obtain fair compensation in these types of cases for more than 30 years. We know how to hold negligent parties accountable in sports and recreation accidents involving:

  • Cycling, whether training for a road race or commuting to the office
  • Golf accidents and injuries suffered on the links
  • Water sports such as swimming, diving and water skiing and boating, cruise ship and whitewater rafting injuries
  • Skiing and snowboarding accidents, whether they occur at Heavenly or a local resort
  • Team sports, including football, baseball, basketball and gymnastics
  • Trampoline park and bounce house accidents

Did You Sign A Waiver Or Release?

A waiver of liability is not always airtight. Our attorneys have successfully challenged the enforceability of releases that were poorly written, hard to read or extremely one-sided.

Injured athletes are often forced to sign a release or waiver of liability before participating in a sport. Do NOT assume that you do not have a case just because you signed one of these forms. The law strictly interprets these agreements against the person or entity that made you sign it. We can explain more based on the unique facts of your circumstances.

What Is Assumption Of Risk?

The legal concept of assumption of risk is a factor in most of these cases. Here is a common example — a skier assumes the inherent risk of colliding with another skier. The resort does not have a duty to protect a skier from that risk. But when a groomed run leads to a cliff and there is no warning, the resort may have breached its duty of care.

Quick action is required because conditions can change. One of our attorneys can launch an early investigation to build the strongest claim on your behalf.

A Results-Oriented Legal Team

Please review some of our past results. Here are several examples of cases we have been able to resolve:

  • $27.75 million verdict after a swimming accident left a 20-year-old state diving champion a quadriplegic — the largest in the history of the county. He collided with a synchronized swimmer during diving practice. The city had rented its dive pool to a diving team and a synchronized swimming team to hold practices at the same time. Nothing separated the groups. Now the pool uses floating lane lines.
  • $850,000 settlement for a high school football player who suffered a brain injury
  • $671,000 wrongful death jury verdict for a tenting accident

We also have successfully litigated against public and private building owners and insurers of unsafe properties, including parks and playgrounds, health clubs, amusement parks, and swimming pools.

Do Not Wait — Call Us Today

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