Skiing And Snowboarding Accidents

Negligent Resort Owners Must Be Held Accountable

While risky, skiing and snowboarding are popular pastimes. Enthusiasts look forward to taking to their local slopes. From the bindings on their skis to the conditions of the hills, they assume that the resort owner has attended to everything and made the property reasonably safe. Sadly, that is not always the case. Many skiers and snowboarders have suffered catastrophic and life-changing injuries when safety was not a top priority.

At Abramson Smith Waldsmith, LLP, our attorneys have worked to hold negligent parties accountable for other thirty years.

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Unforeseen Dangers Can Lead to Serious Injuries

Defective bindings cause a skier to lose control while flying down a hill. Chairlifts and gondolas can malfunction, causing a fall from great heights. The terrain of a slope may not be clear or warning signs may be lacking, creating danger for a skier or snowboarder. Yes, you may have signed a release waiving the resort owner of responsibility, but there are times when unforeseen danger causes the most serious and deadly injuries.

Getting to the Facts of an Injury-Causing Collision

At Abramson Smith Waldsmith, LLP, we don't assume that the resort owners drafted a well written release. Yes, there are risks and reckless skiers and snowboarders. However, that does not excuse negligence by a company who owns ski hills or manufacturers skiing and snowboarding products.

We perform the due diligence necessary to build your claim. We secure the experts needed to tell the story. We serve as your most dedicated and diligent advocate.

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