What Can Make Trampoline Parks And Bounce Houses Dangerous?

Filled with multiple connected trampolines or a series of inflatables in the form of slides and obstacle courses, bounce houses and trampoline parks are increasingly popular for youth parties and outings. San Francisco has a well-known trampoline park in the Presidio. However, they also can be dangerous if they are not properly designed, supervised, managed or maintained.

With low startup costs, many independent operators fail to properly train employees, purchase safe, durable equipment or follow safety guidelines issued by the manufacturer and the state of California.

At Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, we have obtained results for clients who have suffered broken bones as well as head and back injuries in these accidents. Our lawyers know how to determine whether there was negligence and/or gross negligence. Let us evaluate the waiver or release you signed and then explain how it affects your rights.

The Spread Of Incorrect Information

Franchise operators usually require a signature on a waiver or release of liability. A general misperception exists that a signed waiver of liability or release bars all personal injury claims. But this is not true if an injury was the result of false safety representations or gross negligence that created unreasonable safety risks.

Some trampoline facilities may claim that you will have to pay their attorneys fees if you challenge the validity of a signed waiver of liability or release. Do not be intimidated — this is not true. If the waiver or release can be overcome, the facility may have to pay your attorneys fees.

Causes Of Trampoline And Bounce House Accidents

We find out whether the number of people allowed inside was limited and if the facility had a policy in place to separate young children from older, heavier individuals. We review all the safety precautions that were in place or should have reasonably been in place.

Significant risks of injury are caused and exacerbated by the following:

  • Failure to provide adequate supervision, prevent overcrowding, clean out debris or maintain equipment
  • Defectively manufactured, designed or assembled equipment that allows thread work or coils to give way
  • Inadequate instructions, warnings or safety equipment
  • Employees not adequately trained in first aid response
  • Collisions caused by unanticipated forces when others jump on the same trampoline
  • Exposed coils or ripped mats and the springs connecting trampolines

Once inside, children of all ages are jumping from one trampoline to another. You get large and small people flying by each other. It can be a recipe for injury, including:

  • Broken legs with compound fractures of the tibia and fibula, requiring extensive surgery and rehabilitation
  • Head lacerations, skull fractures and concussion with amnesia after falling and striking the ground or the equipment surrounding the inflatable bouncing apparatus
  • The need for stainless steel screws or plates to repair broken ankles

We settle many of these trampoline accidents. However, we have the experience to expose negligence and prove your case at trial before a judge and jury if necessary.

Learn More About Your Rights

If you or a loved one suffers an injury in a trampoline accident, call 415-421-7995 or toll free 888-745-2988 for a case review from one of our experienced attorneys. Scheduling an appointment online is another option and ensures that you will have the resources to reach maximum recovery.