San Francisco Fire & Explosion Accident Lawyers

Fires and explosions are sudden and devastating, destroying homes and buildings, and causing physical and emotional trauma and death. Burn injuries are painful and disfiguring, and require long recovery periods. Smoke inhalation, and inhalation of toxic fumes and gases from flammable fabrics and furniture stuffed with polyurethane foam, cause added injury and increase the likelihood of death.

Trial lawyers at Abramson Smith Waldsmith, LLP, regularly represent plaintiffs in cases of catastrophic injury and wrongful death in fires and explosions caused or exacerbated by unsafe premises, unsafe construction sites, and unsafe products . Our attorneys have handled cases involving such notable fires as the San Francisco Housing Authority fire, the Walnut Creek aviation fuel explosion and fire, the Oakland Hills fire, the Cathedral Hill Hotel fire, the Bayview Industrial Park explosion, and the Rossmoor Retirement Community fire.

Faulty electrical wiring and furnaces, gas leaks, malfunctioning or absent smoke detectors, inaccessible or inadequate escape routes, the presence of flammable fabrics and furniture, and the presence of dried vegetation that can fuel wild-and-urban-interface fires are all examples of possible sources of liability for property owners or product manufacturers.

Determining the cause of a fire or explosion requires extensive experience and thorough investigation involving engineering, electrical, and gas line experts as well as fire scene experts. Our law firm has the experience and the resources to effectively prepare and litigate cases on behalf of plaintiffs and family members injured or killed in fires and explosions.

With over 100 years of combined experience, we have earned the respect of our colleagues and the courts in California and nationwide for our personal injury work. We have achieved a winning record on behalf of our clients, and we are especially proud of our successful cases that lead to safety improvements through strengthened laws.

If you have suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one in a fire, we encourage you to contact our law offices today for skilled and knowledgeable legal counsel.

A few of our fire injury settlements are listed below:

$5 million settlement involving married couple with serious burns due to inadequate escape routes in an apartment building.

$2.4 million settlement in hotel fire due to faulty fire alarm system and toxic flammable furnishings which emitted cyanide causing permanent lung damage in a hotel guest.

$500,000 settlement for illegal fireworks explosion resulting in loss of property to artists and small manufacturers.