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2 People pass away in California crash

People lose their lives in auto accidents for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, fatal car crashes happen because of an intoxicated driver or treacherous road conditions. Often, these accidents occur because of someone's reckless behavior, such as driving in the wrong direction, ignoring traffic laws, speeding and other types of negligent driving. For auto accident victims who were involved in a crash in San Francisco, or another city in California, remaining committed to recovery is paramount.

Reviewing statistics on auto accident causes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a survey from 2015 showed that the United States had one of the highest percentage of fatalities due to drunk driving accidents among high-income nations. In San Francisco, California, and cities throughout the nation, drunk driving remains a major concern. That said, there are a plethora of other factors that can play a role in auto accidents, many of which result in either the loss of life or serious injuries.

Medical Recompensation Following a Car Accident

In most cases, your insurance company is responsible for paying any medical bills that are accrued after a car accident. The way it works is that the insurance company pays your medical bills, and is then reimbursed by the person who was responsible for the accident. If you were a victim of an accident and do not have insurance, you can use the other person's insurance coverage to pay for medical expenses. Finally, if car insurance from both parties is not enough to cover the expenses, your regular medical insurance policy can kick in to pay for your support.

A look at auto accident fatalities

Data that was published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that in 2014, there were 29,989 deadly traffic collisions in the U.S. These accidents claimed the lives of far too many drivers, bicyclists, passengers and pedestrians. In San Francisco, and other busy parts of California, the risk of being involved in a fatal auto accident is especially high and it is vital for drivers to make accident prevention a top priority.

Examining statistics on drunk driving

In recent years, awareness programs concentrating on drunk driving prevention have aimed to prevent drivers from getting behind the wheel while drunk. However, many people continue to pass away after they are hit by someone who was recklessly driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. In San Francisco, and all cities across California, people involved in these wrecks may have their lives upended in various ways.

Filing a car accident report

A car accident can lead to a great deal of damage. The best way to ensure you are able to have some form of compensation for the damage incurred is to call the police to report the accident as soon as possible. Additionally, the police will make their own inquiries about the accident, and if it seems you tried to flee the scene of the incident, you could end up being charged with a crime anyway. The other party can also make any sort of claim about your role in the accident if you are not present before the police to narrate your side of the matter.

Reporting a Car Accident to the Police

Becoming involved in a car accident is never a pleasant experience. No matter who was at fault for the accident, the first thing you need to do is make a full report to the police about the incident and your involvement in it. This helps establish your willingness to comply with the law, and places your case in a better light before the court. Even if the damage from the accident is minor, it is better to file a report in case there were some physical or emotional complications from the accident that were to come to light at a later date and bring your involvement in the accident before the attention of the police.

Mental Suffering From Vehicle Accidents

A motor vehicle accident affects not just the victim's body, but their mental health as well. That is why action needs to be taken as early as possible to attend to the injuries and provide counsel and therapy to the victim. Emergency treatment is necessary to improve the victim's chances of survival and recovery. While physical injuries should be attended to, equal attention needs to be given to the victim's mental well-being. The emotional and psychological effects of injuries which result from a motor vehicle accident can be caused by many factors. Pain from serious injuries can cause chronic bouts of physical suffering that need to be relieved using painkillers. Regular use of such medication can have negative side effects on the victim, from addiction to the drug to suffering from depression.

3 Important Car Accident Laws Governing California

Having a car accident is never a pleasant experience. Trying to get compensation for damages incurred by the accident can also be a struggle. Here are three basic facts about car laws in California that you need to remember while filing a lawsuit:

A Review of San Francisco’s Motor Vehicle Accidents Law

Car accidents happen fast, thus giving you little time to process what really occurred. Typically, these crashes result in chaotic and devastating consequences such as serious injury. The resultant medical expenses can also drain your financial coffers. The prevalence of motor vehicle accidents in San Francisco, California highlights the importance of having an idea about car accident laws in the state.

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