February 2020

How dangerous are distracted drivers?

Many people are aware of the dangers associated with drunk driving, and the threat posed by those who operate a vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol or drug use. However, there

Fatal auto accidents and the time of day

When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, multiple factors can lead to a crash and affect the outcome of a collision. For example, if a San Franciso driver was speeding, those

Speeding and fatal auto accidents

From the use of alcohol or drugs to drowsiness and distractions, there are an array of reasons why drivers cause deadly motor vehicle accidents. However, it is important to remember

Motorcycle safety and hot California roads

As the sun grows higher in the sky, the days get hotter and more dangerous. The risk of dehydration grows, as does the risk of overheating your motorcycle or blowing

Intersections and traffic accidents

With regard to motor vehicle accidents, there are many different topics to keep in mind. Often, people realize the dangers of drunk or drowsy driving, although these dangerous behaviors remain

Handling the aftermath of an auto crash

If you are ever involved in an auto accident, or if you were recently part of a collision, it is essential for you to know which steps to take immediately

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