Month: August 2017

Whiplash and its consequences

Drivers and passengers in California who are in car accidents often get whiplash from the impact. The consequences from whiplash can vary from mild muscle irritation to major nerve damage. Being aware of the symptoms and treatment strategies is important to decrease the chances of long-term effects. According to Live Science, whiplash affects more than two …

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Making mass transit safer

High numbers of California residents and visitors take some type of mass transit on a weekly, and often daily, basis. Convenience and concern for the environment have increased the role of mass transit in many communities throughout the state. Public transportation consists of buses, subways, commuter and light rail, ferries, trolleys and streetcars. In order to …

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Post-concussion syndrome is complex and life-altering

You knew it would take time to recover from your concussion, but you didn’t realize how serious the symptoms would be. Known as post-concussion disorder, the disorder is one with various symptoms that last for weeks to months after an injury that results in a concussion. Your concussion likely resulted from a blow to the …

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Texting while driving in California

The state of California has put in place a variety of driving laws to cut down on the number of accidents and fatalities on the road. According to the Federal Communications Commission, distracted drivers were responsible for just over 390,000 injuries and almost 3,500 deaths in 2015 in the United States. Because of this, California has made …

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