February 2020

Car accidents and traumatic brain injury

One of the consequences of being in a car accident in California, and elsewhere, is brain injury. Whether from a direct blow to the head from the steering wheel or

Distracted driving is still a big problem

Drivers in California have lived with strict cell phone laws for awhile now. The purpose of banning handheld devices while driving was to cut down on the number of accidents

Understanding assumption of risk

When you send your child to romp on a playground, you assume that there is a risk of certain injuries. For instance, bumps and bruises from falling are fairly common

What if I witness a car accident?

Seeing a car accident happen can be devastating. Your first instinct may be to keep moving so as not to impede any first responders or other officials on the scene,

You may be injured after even a minor car wreck

It’s a common misperception that people involved in minor car accidents that leave few visible injuries don’t need to seek medical evaluation. In many ways, it’s quite understandable. You’re on

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