February 2020

Cold medicine and car accidents

A majority of drivers are well aware of the dangers that come with driving drunk. However, some may forget that even cold medicine can interfere with driving abilities and lead

How to stay safe when driving near a wildfire

Wildfires around the state of California are nothing new. Recent fires have been more widespread and deadlier. The unfortunate fact is, if you are driving around California in the future,

The dangers of debris on the highway

Drivers in California and throughout the country must be aware of the dangers highway debris can bring. Whether it is flying objects or vehicles swerving to avoid objects on the

Steps to take after a minor accident

If you get into a minor accident in California and it appears there is little, if any, damage to either party, it may be tempting to just both drive away

Tips to drive safer on wet roads

Traffic congestion during the daily commute is part of the driving experience in northern California. However, when roads are wet, the conditions can go from frustrating to dangerous. At Abramson

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