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A frontal lobe injury may change who you are

A traumatic injury to any part of the brain can have catastrophic consequences. However, an injury to each area of the brain will have different effects on you. For example, a blow to one part of the brain may damage your memory, while injury to another area may impair your vision. If you suffer an injury to the front of your head, you risk damaging your frontal lobe.

An injury to this part of the brain may alter your behavior in such a way that those close to you may not recognize you as the same person you were before the accident. Your frontal lobe may suffer an injury during a car accident, if you trip and strike your head as you fall forward, if you fall from a height and land on your head, or if something falls from a height and hits you on the head.

What does the frontal lobe control?

The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that extends from the eyebrows about a third of the way to the top of your head. This part of the brain controls much of the behavior other people see in you. For example:

  • How you control your impulses and deal with risks
  • How you form moral judgments
  • Your problem-solving skills
  • Your intentional movements
  • Your understanding of appropriateness regarding sexual behavior
  • Your ability to read and respond to social cues

With a frontal lobe injury, you may lose any or all of these and other abilities. Additionally, your family may notice that you are moody or irritable, have difficulty understanding their conversations, and make inappropriate or embarrassing comments. In fact, if your frontal lobe sustains damage during an accident, your personality may become very different, and you may have to learn to cope with many challenges for the rest of your life.

As with other brain injuries, damage to the frontal lobe is likely permanent. Your medical team will focus on minimizing further damage and teaching you ways to compensate for your deficits. You may face long-term care and years of therapy, which may cause financial hardship for your family. This is why it is smart to seek an evaluation of your case by a California legal professional who can help you determine the best course of action for seeking compensation from those whose actions resulted in your brain injury.

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