Can I report potentially unsafe drivers?

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Maybe your neighbor consistently backs into the trash cans as they reverse out of the drive every morning. Maybe your favorite aunt hunches nose to the steering wheel, peering through her glasses, weaving across the road as she drives you to your communal Sunday flea market pickings. Maybe your own spouse is losing the concentration required to safely drive, making you worry for their safety and the safety of those on California streets around them. No matter the person, you are concerned that an unsafe driver poses a danger to themselves and others, yet in the absence of convincing them to voluntarily abdicate their driving privileges…what can you do?

You can report them for evaluation, even if that may seem like drastic action. The California Department of Motor Vehicles offers Form DS 699, the Request for Driver Reexamination. You may also send a letter to your local Driver Safety office. If you choose to report a potentially unsafe driver either by form or by letter, you have the right to request confidentiality and have your identity kept secret from the person you reported. You may not wish a family member or friend to know that you reported them, yet you are making a moral and ethical decision to keep California’s roads as safe as possible.

The DMV will review the reported person’s driving qualifications. This includes mental and physical soundness to drive. While they may not disclose the exact outcome to you, you may still be privy to whether or not that person is declared fit to drive.

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