Brain Injuries

Motor Function Loss

Assessing The Effects Of Motor Function Loss Our motor function is our ability to physically perform tasks. Without control over your motor functions, everyday activities are no longer under your

Diagnostic Imaging For Traumatic Brain Injury

Types Of Diagnostic Tests Imaging techniques are becoming more sophisticated each year. The goal is to visualize brain activity and function on the cellular level. Newer techniques routinely used by

Brain Bleeds

Hold Those Responsible Accountable For Your Brain Bleeds Violent trauma to the head or body can cause bleeds and hematomas within the intracranial space, in and around the brain (brain

Brain Stem

Brain Stem Injuries Deserve Fierce Representation The brain stem (base of the brain) is located near bony protrusions that make it vulnerable to damage during trauma. The brain stem serves


Build Your Best Defense After Your Cerebellum Injury The cerebellum is located at the bottom of the skull near the opening to the spinal cord. It is divided into two

Child Brain Injuries

San Francisco Attorney For Child Brain Injuries According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 62,000 children are hospitalized every year with a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Closed Head Injury

Representing Victims Of Closed Head Injuries Serious closed head injuries, including brain bleeds, can occur even without a blow to the head. On some occasions, people who have suffered such