Explosions, Fires & Burns

Burn Injuries

Seek The Compensation You Deserve For Your Burn Injuries The intense heat generated from an explosion or gas fire can cause nearly instantaneous burns of all degrees. Burn injury specialists

Experienced California Burn Injury Lawyers

Experienced Burn Injury Attorneys has extensive experience handling cases involving burn injuries, fires and explosions. Thermal burn injuries can be catastrophic and devastating. Burns can permanently alter the body by

Complexities Of Explosion & Fire Cases

Examples Of Complexities In Explosion Cases Explosion and fire cases are complex, technical and expensive. Experience is essential. The attorneys of Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, have represented plaintiffs in nearly

Lessons Learned From Previous Fires And Explosions

ASW’s Extensive Explosion & Fire Experience has learned from its extensive experience representing victims of explosions and fires. Lesson One: Prompt Investigation Is Necessary On The Issue Of Cause And

Explosions, Fires & Burns

Advocating For You In Explosions, Fires And Burn Lawsuits Explosions can occur without notice and can leave utter destruction. And while buildings can be replaced, people’s lives cannot. The victim