Negligent Maintenance & Faulty Construction

Injuries Resulting From Poorly Built and Maintained Properties If you were injured on an unsafe property, you may be able to bring an injury claim against the property owner or

Defective Drugs

Defend Yourself From Defective Drug Injuries In recent years, the process for testing new prescription drugs and obtaining approval through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have become hasty. As

Injured Tourists

An Excellent Reputation Built On Success In The Courtroom What Are The Rights Of Injured Tourists In The Bay Area? San Francisco is “everybody’s favorite city” and Northern California is

Abuse By Clergy

Hold The Clergy Responsible For Their Abuse As we’ve read all too often in newspaper headlines in recent years, church organizations have betrayed their parishioners’ trust, especially those of the

Abuse By Teachers

Seek Justice After Abuse By Teachers Is there a higher level of trust in our culture than that which we as parents place in the hands of our schools’ teachers,

Adult Victims Of Abuse

Fighting For Adult Victims Of Sexual Abuse At Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, we are concerned about protecting children from sexual abuse by individuals and institutions, and we are also concerned

Victims Of Abuse

Representing Victims Of Molestation And Sexual Abuse Concerns about sexual abuse may be prompted by a change in your child’s behavior. Exposure to sexual abuse as a child may only

Compensating Abuse Victims

Dedicated Representation For Abuse Victims How to compensate the abuse victim? What do we, as our clients’ advocates, propose in the way of financial compensation for them symbolic of the

Disabled Victims Of Abuse

Tough Representation In Disabled Adult Abuse Cases One of the sadder facts of our culture has to do with the documented sexual abuse that mentally or physically disabled adults have