Sports & Recreation Injuries

Bounce houses and their dangers to kids

Bounce houses, obstacle courses, slides – kids are always excited to get in inflatable amusements. They pop up at birthday parties, festivals and fairs, but there often is not an

San Diego Trampoline Accidents

Seek Compensation For Your Trampoline Accident One of the biggest indoor trampoline franchises in California is also one of the biggest sources of trampoline-related accidents. Currently, this company has locations

San Francisco Bounce House Accidents

Bounce House Accident Attorneys Who Fight For You A new trend for birthday parties and other get-togethers has been to seek out indoor bounce house and inflatable jumping facilities. One

San Francisco Trampoline Accidents

Trampoline Accidents Should Not Ruin Your Future San Francisco has a well-known trampoline park located in the Presidio. This type of party facility is popping up all over California and

Sports Brain Injuries

San Francisco Attorney For Sports Brain Injuries The connection between sports and brain injuries has received significant attention in recent years. Research has shown that even minor injuries, such as

Concussions And School District Athletics

On Jan. 1, 2012, California instituted a law related to concussions suffered by school district athletes. This legislation speaks to all sports, but the focus is primarily on football. California

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The first question everyone asks after an injury or the death of a loved one is “How could this happen?” We work with experts to determine the cause of sports

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