Manufacturing errors may cause defective products

California consumers should be able to purchase items with the confidence that they will safely function as advertised. However, even the most well designed commercial product can still cause significant

A frontal lobe injury may change who you are

A traumatic injury to any part of the brain can have catastrophic consequences. However, an injury to each area of the brain will have different effects on you. For example,

Brain injury and memory loss

When California doctors informed you that your loved one had suffered a traumatic brain injury resulting from someoneĀ else’sĀ negligence, you may have wondered what your future would look like. Brain injuries

How does a brain injury impact a patient?

There are many symptoms of traumatic brain injuries that can have long-term, if not life-long, consequences. For patients first experiencing an injury, it can be unclear how much they’ll recover

Understanding your diffuse axonal injury

While you may be familiar with brain injuries caused by impact, one you may not be as familiar with is the brain injury caused by sheering. Known as a diffuse

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