Do I need to have more than one type of car accident insurance?

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By California law, you are required to have liability coverage for your car under California’s laws regarding financial responsibility for auto accidents. But did you know you can buy more than one type of insurance for your car? Yet the real question is – do you need it in the event of a crash?

California only requires the minimum liability, but that does not mean there is no value in other types of insurance coverage. The California Department of Insurance details the various types, including the option to purchase more then the minimum liability insurance and the potential losses inherent if you do not have enough liability insurance to cover the full cost of damages in an accident where you are at fault. You can also buy medical coverage, which is a special type of insurance that will cover the costs of your and your passengers’ medical care for injuries even if you were the one at fault. You get to choose what amount of coverage you buy above the $1,000 minimum.

You can also buy uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which takes care of any costs if the motorist who struck you has no insurance or not enough insurance. Physical damage coverage insurance handles the costs of various types of damage to your vehicle from various sources, depending on the type of damage coverage you get. You can also insure possessions within your car, purchase rental reimbursement insurance or purchase insurance coverage for towing services.

Whether or not you need these types of extra insurance is dependent on you, your driving habits and any circumstances you may find yourself in. If you wish to ensure you are completely covered it may be wise to get extended packages, particularly if you live in a high-accident area or your car is being used by inexperienced drivers.

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