Don’t let a shopping injury ruin your finances

Written on behalf of Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP

Some people in California use shopping as a relaxing activity to relieve stress, spend time with friends or to just have a few minutes to themselves. While shopping can meet all of these needs, it can also be dangerous. From the grocery store to the mall, there are hidden risks everywhere, and suffering a shopping injury might not be as unlikely as some might think.

A shopping injury is an umbrella term that refers to different types of injuries that can happen while shopping. Slip-and-fall injuries are a fairly well-known shopping injury, although few may take them seriously because they are frequently used as jokes in TV shows and movies. Head or other bodily injuries can also happen. These are usually the result of poorly built displays, falling objects or products put out of customers’ reach.

Even shopping carts can be dangerous. A cart could easily tip over and injure someone if it is damaged or poorly maintained. A cart that is in good condition can still tip over if it hits a crack in a damaged parking lot or floor. Parking lots with lots of ice and snow can also contribute to shopping cart accidents.

Shoppers expect to part with a bit of money when they are out and about making purchases. However, virtually no one expects to face hundreds or even thousands of dollars in medical bills just for trying to run a few errands. Instead of facing the astronomical financial damages for a shopping injury alone, injury victims in California can choose to seek compensation from negligent store or building owners.

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