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Many drivers in California do not have to worry about driving in snowy or icy conditions, but fog can be a problem. Fog occurs most commonly during the night and in the early to mid-morning hours. Even a little fog can be detrimental to drivers, but it can be particularly dangerous when it is very heavy and dense, so drivers should know how to drive in it to prevent accidents with other motorists.

According to the Texas Department of Insurance, fog is made up of tiny droplets of water, and it suspends in cloud-form just above the ground, making it very difficult to see. A heavy fog advisory means that drivers cannot see more than a quarter of a mile in front of them, and this can lead to serious, and even fatal, crashes. It can even become thicker as you are driving, making it almost impossible to see other vehicles and the lines of the road. Some tips for safe driving in these conditions include:

  • Use your 4-way flashers so others can see you
  • Use the defroster and windshield wipers to keep your windows as clear as possible
  • Do not pass others or change lanes unless necessary
  • Turn off cruise control

The National Weather Service recommends driving at much slower speeds and increasing the distance between you and other vehicles. Only use your low-beam and/or fog headlights, as high beams can result in glare. If conditions are really bad, it is smart to pull over until visibility is clearer. To do this, first turn on your hazards and then turn into a parking lot or other spot out of the way of traffic.




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