Drowsy driving and prescription drugs

Written on behalf of Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP

Drivers can become drowsy for different reasons, whether someone has been struggling with a sleep disorder for many years, had one night of poor sleep or had a very demanding day at work. However, there are other reasons why drivers can become drowsy, even if they sleep well and do not have to work for long hours, such as those who take certain types of prescription drugs. From medication that aims to treat allergies or anxiety to drugs that help with pain, there are many different prescriptions that can affect someone’s ability to drive safely.

Sadly, some drivers may be adversely affected by prescriptions and not even realize that they are putting lives at risk by getting behind the wheel. As a result, it is important to be very vigilant if you take any prescription drugs and ensure that you are not drowsy or intoxicated as a result of the prescription. If you are hit by a driver who was taking certain prescriptions that may have affected their driving abilities, it is essential to look over your options and you may consider taking legal action due to the hardships you are facing.

In recent years, many people across the U.S. have struggled with addiction to prescription medications and this is especially concerning with regard to auto accidents. Some victims of these crashes may struggle with broken bones, head trauma or mental trauma, while others may lose their lives in the collision, which leaves those they love with unbearable emotional pain. Please visit our crash section for more related to drowsy driving wrecks.

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