Getting help for your injured athlete after a sports injury

Written on behalf of Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP

Whether he or she played sports for fun or with the hopes of snagging a scholarship, your child’s life switched course after the concussion. Now you are helping him or her get used to a new normal while also dealing with mountains of medical debt. If the school district ignored its responsibility to help you and your injured athlete, getting the right guidance when seeking favorable results for a sports injury can make all the difference.

California school districts that offer athletic programs are responsible for protecting students. According to Section 49475 of the California Education Code, coaches or other staff must immediately remove a student who displays signs of a concussion or other head injury from the activity he or she was participating in. The student cannot return to either practice or games until evaluated and cleared by a medical professional.

Maybe your child’s coach did not pull him or her out of practice at the first sign of injury. Or maybe the coach let your child participate in sporting activities before he or she was cleared to do so. Either way, opportunities to minimize your child’s injuries were missed, and now he or she is paying the price.

Your situation is sadly not unique. Around 60% of football players lose consciousness when they suffer concussions, and coaches send 40% of them right back onto the field. Your injured athlete deserves better than this. Unfortunately, California school districts are eager to shift blame elsewhere and might resist providing any type of help. You can find out more about getting compensation for a sports injury by visiting our website.

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