How to drive safe with a kid in the car

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If you are a parent in California, you probably understand how distracting it can be to ride with your kid in the car. When you take into account trying to stop a crying baby, handing back food, looking over your shoulder to look at your child and the tiredness that accompanies being a parent, studies have shown that driving with kids in the car is one of the most distracting things you can do. Taking certain steps can help prevent an increase in accidents due to these distractions.

According to Medical Daily, a study showed that driving with kids is actually 12 times riskier than driving while using a cell phone. The types of distraction include turning around, handing the child a toy or food, conversing with the child and playing. gives advice on how to drive safer when a baby or child is in the car. Some of these include:

  • Pull over – if a child dropped a toy, you want to soothe a crying baby or you are feeding, the safest thing is to pull over and do what needs to be done before getting back on the road
  • Drive the speed limit – parents may feel the need to speed, especially when there is a fussy young one in the back, but this just ups the risk of an accident
  • Get enough sleep – lack of sleep adds to the distraction problem, resulting in a lot of drowsy and unfocused parents on the road
  • Double check the car seat – getting the seat installation inspected by a professional can decrease infant fatality by around 70% 




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