Intersections and traffic accidents

Written on behalf of Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP

With regard to motor vehicle accidents, there are many different topics to keep in mind. Often, people realize the dangers of drunk or drowsy driving, although these dangerous behaviors remain a serious problem in California. However, there are many other issues that can play a role in traffic collisions, such as intersections. Unfortunately, some people fail to pay proper attention to the road and cause devastating accidents which kill or injure responsible drivers and those riding in their vehicles.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, about half of all injuries and one out of every four traffic accident fatalities occurred in an intersection, on average. There are ways that dangerous intersections, such as those which lack proper signage or have ineffective design, can increase the likelihood of an accident. However, many of them happen because of reckless drivers. Sadly, more of these crashes will keep happening, which highlights how vital it is for drivers to remain vigilant at intersections.

Information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also sheds light on accidents that take place in intersections. In fact, statistics based on a number of traffic crashes that were studied revealed that most of the intersection accidents reviewed took place while a driver was making a left turn. However, many crashes also occurred when a vehicle traveled through an intersection, and far fewer took place while a driver was turning right. Unfortunately, even when drivers obey traffic laws and drive safely, they could find themselves in a crash when they are struck by someone who is recklessly operating a vehicle.

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