Lowering the risk of traumatic brain injuries

Written on behalf of Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP

Being proactive with one’s safety is important. This includes taking small steps toward creating a safer environment, like avoiding unnecessary risks and wearing safety gear. Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries are often the result of unavoidable accidents. Still, people in California should be sure they understand some of the easiest ways to protect themselves in case they encounter reckless drivers or other negligent individuals.

Reckless drivers do not care whether someone is following the speed limit or practicing defensive driving. This means that no matter how safely one might drive, the opportunity for an accident is always there. Wearing a seatbelt can lower the risk of hitting one’s head during a collision, which also lowers the risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury.

Researching a sporting team’s coach’s qualifications is another way to look out for one’s own safety. A well-informed coach should be able to identify the symptoms of a concussion and quickly take action to remove that player from the field for medical attention. Delaying treatment for even mild traumatic brain injuries can have long term health consequences, so playing for an educated coach is important.

Although most California residents are careful with their own safety, all it takes is one reckless or negligent person to ruin everything. And even people who wear their seat belts and play for a coach who knows about concussions can still end up getting hurt. Traumatic brain injuries can have lifelong health consequences, so it can be helpful to seek compensation by holding negligent parties responsible for their actions.

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