Manufacturer liability in recreational vehicle accidents

Written on behalf of Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP

An RV trip through California’s hills may be one of your favorite family pastimes, but what happens when your recreational vehicle fails you? If you have suffered a motor vehicle accident and/or injury due to a manufacturer defect in a recreational vehicle, you may be eligible to pursue charges against said manufacturer. At Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, we understand exactly how you feel when your trust in a vehicle manufacturer is betrayed.

To pursue a case against your recreational vehicle manufacturer, you must first prove negligence on the part of the manufacturer. If your accident or injury was caused by poor terrain, other drivers, personal negligence or inappropriate vehicle utilization, the manufacturer cannot be held accountable for any on-road or off-road faults, malfunctions, or accidents. Manufacturer defects can include faulty parts, improperly fitted equipment, incorrect parts or critical design flaws leading to vehicle failure.

Liability due to manufacturer negligence is not to be confused with coverage provided by your insurance provider. According to the State of California website, all motor vehicles operated on California highways must have some form of financial responsibility, more commonly known as insurance. This includes recreational vehicles. RVs are often covered by specialty insurance policies that vary by provider, but these insurance policies may only cover the bare minimum in damages in the event of an incident. While your insurance provider may be able to determine the cause of the accident due to manufacturer negligence, you must personally pursue action against the manufacturer for negligence.

Preparing a negligence case in the event of RV accidents can be stressful. If you need more information on the process involved in pursuing a case against an RV manufacturer, you can find more details on the topic on our web page.


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