Manufacturing errors may cause defective products

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California consumers should be able to purchase items with the confidence that they will safely function as advertised. However, even the most well designed commercial product can still cause significant harm. Injuries from defective products can happen for a number of reasons, including manufacturing defects.

A problem with a product is considered a manufacturing defect when the product is manufactured improperly, deviating from the original design. These defects are unintended, and because of this manufacturers cannot warn consumers of possible harm. But the fact that products with manufacturing defects even reach the market could be an indicator of lackluster oversight.

It is a manufacturer’s responsibility to make sure that everything it produces is safe. This means that no matter what type of product is being produced, manufacturing facilities require rigorous regulatory oversight to monitor for things like material quality and areas in the line where defects might occur. Any breakdown in this oversight can allow defective products to avoid detection.

Even with proper oversight and planning, manufacturers can still be held liable for injuries caused by defective products. Proving that liability is not always easy, though. A victim must not only demonstrate that a manufacturing defect affected the safety of a product, but also that his or her injury was caused by that defect. Manufacturers might even try to blame injuries on user error rather than taking responsibility. Because of this, an injury victim in California may want to consider speaking with an experienced attorney before moving forward with a product liability claim.

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