Motorcycle safety and hot California roads

Written on behalf of Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP

As the sun grows higher in the sky, the days get hotter and more dangerous. The risk of dehydration grows, as does the risk of overheating your motorcycle or blowing out tires that are under too much pressure.

Fortunately, people in California are used to these warmer temperatures. If you’re visiting or have just come to the state to live, you may not be as familiar with the state laws and tactics for staying safer on the roads. Here are a few tips.

1. Motorcyclists can split lanes in California

Unlike many other states, California allows motorcyclists to split lanes to cut down on congestion and help them get where they’re going faster. This can help prevent you from getting dehydrated from exposure in a congested lane, for example.

Lane splitting, lane sharing or filtering is legal, although there are no laws that directly allow or deny motorcyclists the right to do so. If you do want to try splitting lanes with another motorcyclist or vehicle, make sure to watch your speed and avoid blind spots. Assume others can’t see you, and take precautions to avoid getting hit.

2. The right tire pressure helps save gas and lives

Tire pressure is typically thought of as a one-off concern. You fill the tires on your motorcycle to the recommended level, and you ride until they leak out or reduce enough to need more air. The interesting thing is that air expands, so a pressure-per-inch reading of 36 at 60 degrees will read at a different PSI at 75 degrees. For every 10 degrees the temperature rises, you gain one PSI. For every 10 the temperature falls, the PSI drops by one. So, make sure your tire can handle a PSI increase of five if you’re coming from a place that is 0 degrees to one that is 50. If the air expands too much, it could end up blowing your tire and causing an accident.

3. Stand out for safety and comfort

Instead of turning to your typical black leathers, try some white, mesh protective clothing for the hot Californian days and nights. White helps reflect heat, so you stay cooler. Additionally, it helps you stand out, so others avoid striking you while you ride.

If you do still get into an accident, you have options. Your attorney can help you fight for compensation, so you can afford to recover without having to go to work or spending your hard-earned income.

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