Preventing sports injuries: Equipment matters

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Sports injuries are bound to happen due to the nature of the activities. It’s hard to imagine getting through a football or baseball season without at least one injury.

Although that’s the case, it’s possible to reduce the risk of sporting injuries significantly by using the right safety equipment. Safety equipment ranges based on the sport, but using it could help prevent concussions, neck injuries and other serious wounds.

Protecting your brain

Using a helmet is a good idea regardless of the sport. Some sports, like soccer, allow for soft helmets to be used by players. Others, like football, have hard helmets that absorb impact. These helmets protect against neck injuries as well as concussions and brain injuries due to falls, tackles or other events. Players who don’t wear helmets put themselves at risk of fatal impacts, traumatic brain injuries, aneurysms and other injuries.

Preventing leg injuries

Another possible injury that someone may suffer from is a leg injury. In sports such as baseball and soccer, cleats are worn to give individuals a better grip on the ground as they run. Without wearing leg protection, impacts with others’ cleats could impact the skin and bone, causing serious injuries.

Keeping your eyes safe

Finally, it’s important to keep your eyes safe while playing sports. On baseball helmets, visors help protect the head and eyes. Individuals may also want to invest in eye protection, such as safety glasses, to avoid injuries. Many people switch to contacts instead of wearing glasses to prevent injuries from glass if the lenses shatter due to an impact.

Many kinds of injuries have the potential to impact your life after you play sports. Remember that safety equipment is a necessary part of the game, even if it slows you down or feels unnecessary. Protect your body and wear the equipment provided for the game.

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