Purchasing liability insurance may protect your assets

Written on behalf of Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP

According to Market Insider, California is one of the worst states to file an accident claim. California gets ranked second after Michigan and Louisiana. What did researchers use to arrive at this conclusion? They looked at the states where drivers pay the most on average after filing auto accident claims. Michigan and Louisiana average $3,502 and $3,348 respectively. California averages $3,081.

One of the biggest contributing factors to the higher insurance premiums is repair costs. Note that the cost of repairing vehicles climbed 66% higher in June 2019, compared to where it stood in June 2000. The pricier components in vehicles is one reason for this. It is also reasonable to assume the cost of labor has increased. The best recommended protection from the researchers is the purchase of more liability coverage.

NerdWallet makes a similar recommendation, but reminds drivers that repair costs may be the least of their worries. Drivers may also need to prepare for the possibility of getting sued. Failure to pay fines or reparations decided in court could also lead to the loss of assets. The two main types of liability car insurance to consider include bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

In addition to liability coverage, many drivers seek more protection through personal injury protection insurance and medical payments coverage. Some drivers also choose to get uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. For drivers who want even more protection, they may choose an umbrella policy to cover any excess. These drivers may need to max out home and car insurance policies before qualifying for an umbrella policy.

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