Safety tips for drivers with ADHD

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Head-on collisions occur on California roadways every day. The person behind the wheel may be a good driver who generally follows the rules of the road and obeys speed limits. However, accidents happen. Negligent drivers are often responsible for the injury or death of good drivers in head-on impacts.

According to Smart Motorist, the majority of head-on collisions are typically a result of distracted driving. They often occur on straight stretches of pavement in favorable conditions. In these circumstances, drivers may relax, becoming less attentive to the road and more prone to distraction. Passengers, music, eating and cell phones are among the most common disturbances drivers experience.

Taking attention from the road for even a few seconds can result in their vehicle drifting across the line and into the next lane with catastrophic results. ADDitude magazine reports that drivers with ADHD are four times more likely than others to be preoccupied while driving and become involved in an accident.

Teen and adult drivers with ADHD can take steps that reduce the risk of distraction.

  • Select music and set the vehicle controls before starting. Pull over in a safe place to change CDs or radio stations.
  • Sign up for an E-Z Pass tag. Drivers can stay focused on the road and other vehicles when they don’t need to worry about having the right change.
  • Consider carpooling. The noise and activity of passengers can distract ADHD drivers with devastating consequences. Avoid the confusion altogether by being the passenger instead of the driver.
  • Don’t eat while driving. Fumbling with wrappers and worrying about drips or crumbs draws attention away from the road.

Safe driving is a choice that’s made each time a driver gets behind the wheel. For those with ADHD, taking extra precautions can help ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road around them. Failing to do so makes them negligent and leaves them open to claims if there is a crash.

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