Super Lawyers 2008

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Super Lawyers 2008

Northern California Super Lawyers 2008

Using Compassion and Powerful Multimedia Presentations to Successfully Represent Victims of Catastrophic Injuries

Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, handles complex personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout California. The firm has fought and won on behalf of thousands of people who have suffered serious injuries and losses. From multimedia presentations to interactive animations, ASW is a trailblazer in its use of innovative trail techniques.

The firm’s trial lawyers know that visual communication increases a juror’s comprehension of complex issues and retention of important information, which is very useful in catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death trials. “Our goal is to convey information to jurors in easily understood and familiar formats, making our evidence more persuasive,” says William B. Smith, a partner since 1975. “We want our messages to be memorable to the jurors.”


ASW relies on the latest computer technology to present evidence in a compelling and convincing manner. Presenting evidence electronically not only allows for a better connection with jurors, it makes for shorter trials-which translates into better verdicts. “We can present more evidence in a shorter period to time,” says Robert J. Waldsmith, a partner since 1999. “It is easier for the jurors to remain focused on our case when it is fast-paced and visually interesting.”

The use of state-of-the-art technology is nothing new to the firm. Albert R. Abramson, who founded the firm in 1975, was a pioneer in the use of animations to recreate critical events in airplane crash cases. Today the firm uses 3-D animation to take the jury to the scene, explain a complex process, or demonstrate the details of a complicated injury.

ASW attorneys use multimedia presentations at trials, making mundane text come to life by highlighting critical portions of documents. They show photographs and video clips to visually reinforce their themes and to counter defenses and defense experts. Cutting-edge Interactive animations are used to show the different points of view of witnesses at an accident scene and to demonstrate multiple injuries and corresponding medical treatments.

The flexibility of having so much evidence at your fingertips is terrific,” says partner “With ease I can show a document, photograph or video clip from a witness’s deposition during cross-examination to show inconsistencies in the witness’s testimony, which is very powerful.”

ASW focuses on products liability, premises liability and governmental torts, with subspecialties in sports and recreational accidents, child molestation and trucking accidents. The firm is proud that once again all of its partners are listed in Northern California Super Lawyers. In addition, partner William B. Smith is again named to the Top 100 list.

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