The dangers of debris on the highway

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Drivers in California and throughout the country must be aware of the dangers highway debris can bring. Whether it is flying objects or vehicles swerving to avoid objects on the road, the problem results in serious accidents and even death. Drivers who are carrying loads in their vehicles must take the proper precautions to make sure the load is stable and secured.

According to CNN, debris that falls off a vehicle can result in severe injuries as well as death from the object hitting a windshield or other part of another vehicle on the road. When cars swerve due to items sitting on the highway, this can cause the vehicle to lose control or lead to collisions with other vehicles.

The American Automobile Association reports that crashes associated with debris occur most often on interstates because of the high driving speeds. It also states that around 33% of these accidents occur during the hours of 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Improperly secured loads are the reason for the majority of these occurrences. Vehicles that are not maintained regularly are also a cause because of worn tires and corroded hardware.

To help prevent these types of accidents and to reduce the severity of injuries, other drivers on the road should be aware of what is ahead of them when driving so they can avoid any item laying on the road. They should also leave plenty of room around their vehicles so they can safely swerve or get in another lane without hitting others. If an object cannot be avoided, it helps to slow down as much as possible.

To encourage drivers to be responsible when driving with heavy loads, all states have made it illegal when an item falls out of a vehicle. The penalties include fines as well as jail time in some states.   


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