The importance of replacing a child restraint after an accident

Written on behalf of Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP

When families in California are involved in an automobile accident, their foremost concern is often the wellbeing and survival of their loved ones who were passengers in the vehicle. Once initial assessments are completed and it is determined that all involved persons will survive and are able to receive medical treatment for their injuries, it is just the beginning of dealing with the aftermath of the collision. 

One of the considerations that parents should take if their children are involved in an accident is replacing their car seats. Child restraints, while created to minimize fatal impact and protect children’s small bodies from being dangerously injured, can also be compromised upon impact with another vehicle or object. As such, a car seat that appears to be in mint condition could have underlying problems that may make it less effective in another collision. 

According to, people could choose to have their child’s car seat inspected after an accident by an expert who can uncover any damages that are not visible to the naked eye. However, these tests require the use of high-end x-ray scanners and usually exceed the cost that someone would be paying by simply buying a new car seat for their child. Generally speaking, car seats are only designed to use once and as soon as they are involved in a collision, should be readily replaced with a brand-new alternative. 

Southern Auto Body reminds parents that most insurance companies are happy to absorb the costs of a new child restraint as it is part of most policies. Parents that are unable to afford a new replacement car seat for their child may benefit from discussing their needs with their insurance company. 

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