Top reasons for major car accidents

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Driving in California presents challenges that can result in major vehicular accidents. Understanding the main reasons as to why these occur can help prevent more crashes from happening.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver error is the number one reason for car accidents. In regard to driver-related crashes, recognition error is the main cause, followed closely by decision error. A number of behaviors fall into these categories, and some examples are distracted driving, inattention, driving too fast for the road conditions and illegal maneuvers. Performance errors, which include poor directional control and overcompensation, occur around 11 percent of the time. Errors due to factors such lack of sleep are additional reasons why accidents occur. While vehicles and the environment also cause some of the major car accidents, the occurrence of these are much lower compared to driver-related crashes.

When examining vehicle causes of collisions, the main factors involve include brake malfunction, tire issues and breakdown failure of the transmission or engine. Environmental reasons include a variety of factors such as glare, weather conditions, road design, signals or signs, slick roads and obstruction factors.

According to Business Insider, the most common driving behavior that causes fatal crashes in the state of California is making an improper turn. This error can cause deadly injuries to passengers in the car, the driver or pedestrians in the area. Environmental factors that tend to be involved in fatalities include crosswinds, fog and rain-slicked roads. Areas of the state that tend to be more rural tend to see higher death rates due to drunk driving and speeding.

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