Trial to begin for teen accused of distracted driving

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As the world has become more technology focused and the use of technology has become commonplace, the temptation for people in California to use their phones while they are driving has become a very real problem. While many acknowledge the concern that texting and driving create, as well as the danger it imposes on everyone around the texting driver, many also admit to being part of the problem at some point. 

For one Georgia teenager, this temptation has now resulted in her facing nine different charges after she hit and killed three people in an accident where she was allegedly texting and driving. While the teen maintained her innocence and claimed that she never saw anyone in the street, investigators pointed to evidence that the teenager was distracted and possibly texting while she was driving. The fatal collision killed two women and a newborn baby as they were crossing the street on their way to a free concert. 

The teen’s defense claims that investigators failed to provide more detail into what had caused the girl to be distracted and pointed out that her last text message was sent nearly three minutes before the collision. However, several defense claims have been denied and the case is now on its way to trial which is scheduled to begin in early March. 

If people have been injured because of the negligence of another person, an attorney may be able to help them create a compelling case. With the right focus on factual evidence, people may have a better chance of getting compensated for their injuries and other damages sustained.  

Source: Yahoo!, “Distracted Georgia Teen Driver Faced 9 Charges After Hitting 2 Women and a Newborn,” Harriet Sokmensuer, Feb. 20, 2019

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