What is the California Victim Compensation Board?

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If you have been a victim in an automobile accident, you may have heard that you can seek compensation and support from sources outside of your insurance or the other driver’s insurance. There are state programs that exist to provide relief and aid for those who have suffered violent crimes in California, operated by the California Victim Compensation Board. But what is the California Victim Compensation Board, and how can you seek assistance from their programs?

Per CA.gov, the California Victim Compensation Board was established to provide financial support for medical bills and other expenses incurred by victims of violent crimes. This can include victims in vehicular homicide cases, hit and run car accidents, and drunk driving accidents – including providing up to $5,000 for mental health counseling for minors who may also be victims in these instances. You can also apply for aid if you are a California resident who suffered a violent crime while visiting another state.

Your family may even be eligible for aid if they suffered losses due to a crime against you. What losses are covered is determined by how much your insurance or other compensation may cover. You must speak with the representatives at your county’s Victim Witness Assistance Center to discuss eligibility and apply. You can also download an application to begin the process online. You must provide copies of crime reports, receipts, bills and other records; these records must also be supplied to your insurance company for collaboration with the California Victim Compensation Board.

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