Which cars have the worst medical and personal injury claims?

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Smaller and lighter cars are becoming more popular in California as drivers try to lower gas expenses. However, according to Forbes, these vehicles can be costly in other ways. Smaller and lighter cars tend to have more medical payments claims than any other category of cars. The main reason for this is easy to guess at. Smaller cars typically sustain greater damage during a car crash, which means that the occupants of the vehicle may suffer greater injuries.

Forbes also points out that the cars alone are not to blame for the higher rates of medical claims. The drivers who choose these cars represent a more vulnerable demographic. The affordability of these cars tends to attracts newer and younger drivers who may be less experienced and sometimes more prone to distractions on the road.

That said, you might be picturing tiny smart cars, coupes or a Ford Fiat, but it is the four-door smaller cars that have the highest claim frequencies. These include the following:

  •          Mitsubishi Lancer
  •          Chevrolet Sonic
  •          Dodge Charger
  •          Nissan Versa
  •          Chrysler 200
  •          Kia Rio

Surprisingly enough, sports cars took seven of the spots in the list of cars with the lowest personal injury claims frequency. Considering that sports cars are often used for illegal racing on the streets, you may find this unbelievable. Small sports card did, however, have the highest claim severity. In contrast, small luxury vehicles featured some of the lowest severity of claims.

This article references information provided by Forbes on medical and personal injury claims by cars. It should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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