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San Francisco is a city with great weather surrounded by water. Californians enjoy numerous water activities, utilizing Jet Skis, fishing boats, speed boats, cruise ships and popular recreation boats, on water bodies such as the Delta, Lake Shasta, Lake Berryessa, Clear Lake and Lake Tahoe. The Delta is a major boating destination where there are Jet Skis, runabouts and houseboats all competing for the same water space. Collisions often happen due to substance abuse, alcohol consumption and speeding when watercraft operators are not familiar with the territory. There are many blind corners in the Delta.

Fun can quickly turn to tragedy, however, when those owing a high duty of care fail to fulfill their obligation to protect. See the other types of motor vehicle accident cases our personal injury attorneys represent.

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Contact a San Francisco Bay personal injury attorney at Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP. We have the knowledge, experience and advanced technology to help you obtain full and fair compensation for all damages suffered due to someone else’s negligence. We thoroughly and systematically prepare every case for presentation to a jury, and we keep our clients informed of case developments and status. Contact our firm today.

Ferries that haul passengers in and out of San Francisco are a common carrier, owing passengers the highest duty of care. In some cases a negligent boater causing a serious injury due to collision may have no license to operate a boat or have no training or experience. On large cruise ships, passengers may fall from decks or through railings. Major accidents can occur at docking facilities during sailboat docking.

If, on an organized sport fishing daytrip on a large party boat, waves engulf the boat when the captain takes a shortcut, causing passengers serious injury and death, the commercial transportation company may be held liable. Negligence may be due to blind corners, drinking or simply going too fast.

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Lake Tahoe is home to Jet Skis and runabouts (primarily Cobalt Boats) in addition to classic woodies and sailboats. On busy weekends they are all competing for the same limited area and if boating safety rules are not followed, there is a considerable risk of a collision. Whether a boat is pulling a water skier or an inflatable floatation device or raft, these collisions can be very serious, if not fatal. On top of all of this, boaters must compete with parasails pulled by commercial boats and Jet Skiers who may have very limited boating experience and familiarity with Lake Tahoe. Busy areas on the lake include Incline, Tahoe City, Sunnyside and Homewood where there are marinas and docks for popular restaurants. These areas also have multiple buoys where boats are docked and can be hit by boats that are not paying the proper attention.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious or catastrophic injury as a result of another’s recklessness or carelessness, we invite you to contact our law office for skilled and knowledgeable legal counsel.

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