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Lawyers To Work Your Claim Against MUNI Accidents

In California, motor vehicle accident cases against public entities, like Muni, are governed by special laws. The state, counties, cities and all other municipalities in California enjoy unique laws that were drafted to provide the public entities with an advantage.

Shortened Claim Period Against Muni

As a public entity, Muni enjoys a six (6) months’ claim presentation requirement. Although cases against private individuals and businesses have a two (2) years’ statute of limitations, a claim against a public entity in California must be presented within six (6) months. If you sustained injuries in an accident involving a Muni vehicle, you must comply with this six (6) months’ claim presentation requirement or you may lose your right to receive financial compensation for your injuries.

Thus, it is very important for victims of Muni accidents to obtain legal representation as soon as possible after an accident. All bases of liability must be included in the claim, and investigation may take some time.

Muni Owes Passengers The Highest Duty Of Care

Under California law, Muni passengers are owed the highest duty of care because of its status as a “common carrier.” When an individual or business is hired to transport people in exchange for a fee under license or authority provided by a regulatory body, it is considered a “common carrier,” and must use the highest degree of care and the vigilance.

Muni accidents are caused by many factors, including operator error, negligence and recklessness, as well as design and maintenance problems, such as brake failure and equipment malfunctions.

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