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Poor road design affecting the flow of traffic on streets, on highways and through intersections; defects such as the lack of a median or unsafe pavement and road markings; inadequate signage and malfunctioning stop lights; improper road construction warnings and procedures; and unsafe sidewalks and crosswalks are all examples of governmental negligence that can cause motor vehicle accident-related catastrophic injury and wrongful death with chilling regularity.

At Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, our trial lawyers have the experience and the resources to litigate effectively against government entities, including the city, county and state, and have established a winning record on behalf of our clients.

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Public entity cases proceed under a set of laws different from those governing private entities. An abbreviated, six-month statute of limitations requires prompt legal action. Already complex cases are further encumbered, from the plaintiff’s point of view, by various immunities from liability that public entities enjoy. Successful verdicts require extensive experience with such cases and the ability to move quickly against the statute of limitations while effectively navigating applicable immunities.

In our government tort work, in litigating cases of truck and bus accidents and car accidents, and throughout our personal injury practice, our attorneys have earned a national reputation for excellent trial work. We choose our cases carefully, and we devote the full measure of our personal attention, our time, our financial resources, and our access to forensic, engineering and highway accident reconstruction experts to each one.

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If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury or wrongful death due to a dangerous or defective road accident, you may have legal recourse. We encourage you to contact our law offices today for knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel.

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