Truck Accidents

Causes Of Commercial Truck Accidents

When a large truck collides with a passenger vehicle, lives change. Many truck-car crashes are fatal. The time following a truck crash is stressful and chaotic. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer may not be your first thought, but it is an important step to protect your rights.

In San Francisco and throughout Northern California, a call to Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP can help ease this difficult time. Our team has the experience, resources and investigative expertise to help you bring a successful claim to the insurance companies — or to a jury. We move quickly to find and preserve evidence. A truck company and its insurers will be at the accident scene. You’ll want a representative there as well to look out for your interests.

The motor vehicle accident lawyer you choose can make a significant difference in the handling and success of your truck accident case. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a lawyer.

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Do not sign any forms related to your accident until you’ve spoken with an attorney. Before signing any settlement agreement, you need a full appreciation of the financial costs. Medical treatment for a spinal cord injury that results in paralysis can start at over $1 million. Depending on what happened, you may have claims against multiple parties.

Causes Of Truck Accidents

Causation can be difficult to determine in these cases. Was the driver fatigued from too many hours behind the wheel (in excess of what is allowed under federal regulations)? Was the driver going too fast for weather conditions or in some other way driving recklessly? Was the driver properly trained and licensed?

Here are some other possible causes:

  • Truck problems — Was the semitruck or tractor-trailer properly maintained? Was it overweight or was the load poorly balanced, causing weight in the truck bed to shift dangerously? Were materials properly strapped down? Were the brakes, tires, steering or other parts of the truck defectively manufactured or designed?
  • Trucking company negligence — Did trucking company practices contribute to the truck wreck? For example, if driving schedules are such that a driver has no choice but to drive faster or for more hours than allowed by law, the company that owns the vehicle may be held responsible. Negligent hiring, failure to train, poor vehicle maintenance and similar problems can mean financial recovery from the trucking company.
  • Dangerous roads — Sometimes truck crashes are the result of poorly maintained or defectively designed roads.
  • Back-up accidents — Trucks have large rear blind spots (in effect, a cone of blindness that is dependent on truck size), which can cause crush injuries, amputation or death. Back-up alarms are often installed, but may malfunction.

We select cases carefully to provide the full benefit of our experience, attention and resources. We work with forensic, engineering and accident reconstruction experts to establish fault in truck crashes. We help our clients access top medical experts for their type of injury to gain a comprehensive understanding of medical care and rehabilitation needs.

If a loved one died in a fatal big rig crash, we can help your family bring a wrongful death claim.

Getting Answers, Compensation And Justice After An 18-Wheeler Accident

The sooner you seek competent legal representation, the better your chances for a positive outcome. Call us at 415-421-7995 or toll-free at 866-399-3548, or send a message online to schedule a free initial appointment with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers.

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