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Result: $17,500,000
Result Type: Settlement
Injury Type: Brain Injury

Summary: Plaintiff, a high school cheerleader, was instructed by her cheerleading coach to ride in the bed of a pickup truck, only to be ejected when the 17-year-old driver rapidly accelerated.


Result: $27,750,000
Result Type: Verdict
Injury Type: Paralysis

Summary: The City of Walnut Creek simultaneously rented its pool for diving and synchronized swimming practice. This inconsistent usage resulted in plaintiff, a champion diver, landing a dive on a swimmer.


Result: $15,130,000
Result Type: Settlement
Injury Type: Wrongful Death

Summary: While relaxing in a park with her 11-month-old daughter and dog, decedent was struck by a S.F. Recreation and Park vehicle taking a shortcut, off the paved path, over the grass.


Result: $5,000,000
Result Type: Settlement
Injury Type: Hit & Run

Summary: Settlement Due To Deadly Hit And Run Accident


Result: $2,000.000
Result Type: Settlement
Injury Type: Motorcycle Accident

Summary: While riding his motorcycle, our client was struck by another vehicle, suffering multiple foot fractures and dislocations, and having to undergo a surgical below-knee-amputation.

More Recent Results

$2,000,000 – Settlement – Motorcycle Accident Galt, California

As our client was riding his Harley Davidson in Galt, California, an automobile driven by defendant pulled out of a driveway to make a left turn. Defendant vision of our client was blocked by an oncoming vehicle until too late, and the defendant's vehicle struck our client's right foot, which ...

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$2,400,000 – Settlement – Cathedral Hill Hotel Fire

This was a Christmas tree fire that started at the Cathedral Hill Hotel on Van Ness and spread throughout the meeting room area of the hotel. The fire alarm system did not properly function and the hotel was loaded with toxic flammable furnishings (containing polyurethane foam), carpeting and wallpaper that ...

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$2,480,000 – Verdict – Our client v. Contractors

While measuring and confirming the location of anchor bolts installed into the home’s concrete basement floor, plaintiff walked atop an unmarked piece of scrap plywood.  Unexpectedly, the plywood flipped, exposing a hole below.  Plaintiff fell into the hole and suffered a spiral fracture of his right femur

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$375,000 – Settlement – Elder Abuse/Neglect Case

This is a wrongful death/elder abuse case brought by the adult children of a resident at a Confidential Skilled Nursing Facility in Millbrae, California. Caregivers at defendant’s facility recklessly neglected the 82 year old resident, resulting in her falling down a flight of stairs, thereby suffering a cervical fracture and ...

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$5 Million – Settlement- Our Client v. Defendant Driver

Our client, age 23, was broadsided in an automobile collision north of Eureka, California. She pulled out in front of a passing car and the other vehicle struck the driver's side door at a high rate of speed. Our client sustained a depressed skull fracture over the left parietal lobe ...

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$5,000,000 – Settlement – Deadly Hit And Run Accident

The defendant's Mercedes hit our client's father, throwing him up against the right A-pillar causing a serious head injury. This was a hit and run collision. The defendant testified that he did not think he hit anything and, in fact, may have hit a root or maybe a deer.

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$5,000,000 – Settlement – Oakland Hills Fire

This was a case involving serious burn injuries to a husband and wife and the death of an elderly man, all of whom were victims of the Oakland Hills fire in 1991. Plaintiffs established the case against the City of Oakland for an inadequate escape route from the fire and ...

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