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CATEGORIES Below you can find a brief sample of a few of our cases: The following results were dependent on the facts of that case. The results of other cases will differ if based on different facts.
  • I verd stbe
    Our client v. St. Bernard’s High School $850,000 settlement. This incident occurred during Fall Practice for high school football at St. Bernard’s High School, a Catholic high school in Eureka, California. Plaintiff sustained a brain injury when he was performing tackling drills under the supervision of a school coach.
  • I verd sand
    Our Client v. Sand Hill Ranch Motocross Park, et al. Contra Costa County Superior Court. Result: $3,043,491 ($2,268,491 binding arbitration award and $775,000 in settlement).
  • I verd voit
    Our client v. Voit Products Confidential settlement amount. This incident happened at Trinity Lake (aka Clear Eagle Lake) near Weaverville, California. The plaintiff was the owner of an aircraft supply business at the Oakland Airport.
  • I verd squa
    Our client v. Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Garaventa Ltd Confidential settlement amount. This is the very well known Squaw Valley tram accident that happened just north of Lake Tahoe in California at the Squaw Valley ski resort. The tragic events were made into a television movie.
  • I verd stat
    Our Client v. State of California $5.5 million settlement during jury deliberations in a dangerous condition of public property case against Caltrans for its failure to warn of a sharp curve on Highway 1 in western Marin County, which caused a Mazda Miata to leave the roadway and plaintiff to become quadriplegic.
  • I verd city1
    Our Client v. City of Oakland $1.5 million settlement for the wrongful death of a mother and her 18-year-old daughter during a home invasion robbery. Intruders tied up the mother and did not realize that the daughter had locked her bedroom door, hid in her closet, and called 911. Oakland Police Officers quietly surrounded the home. Without knowing whether or not the intruders were still inside the home, one responding officer communicated instructions to the 911 operator to have the girl to come out of her locked bedroom and ensured that it was safe to do so. When the girl opened her bedroom door, she startled the intruders, who began to chase her through the house. As the girl approached the backdoor one of the intruders shot and killed her, then killed her mother. The San Francisco Chronicle described the settlement as the City of Oakland’s largest payout for a police negligence case.
  • I verd city2
    Our Client v. City of Oakland $1 million settlement for the wrongful death of a 5-year-old who fell from a play structure onto the playground’s asphalt at an Oakland elementary school. The rubber mats to protect against such an injury had been in a Oakland Unified School District warehouse for many months prior to the incident. Brocklesbey vs. Jeppesen & Co.$11.6 million verdict for the crash of a DC-9 jet aircraft and the death of its crew, due to a defective aeronautical navigational chart.
  • I verd cess
    Our Client vs. Cessna Aircraft Corporation $3 million settlement against manufacturer of a single engine airplane that crashed on take-off due to defectively designed fuel distribution system. The pilot suffered paraplegia because the defectively designed seat broke when the plane crash landed after the engine stopped because of fuel starvation.
  • I verd conf1
    Our Clients v. Confidential Hercules Refinery Construction Project $1.4 million settlement for two construction workers who sustained serious injuries dismantling an old refinery in Hercules, California. Both men suffered crush injuries, one to his leg requiring an amputation and the other to his arm.
  • I verd conf2
    Our Clients v. Confidential Timber Company $900,000 mediated settlement to the family of a 56 year old man who was crushed in his car on his way to work by a large four wheeled log stacker in a Humboldt County timber mill. The settlement was reached despite the fact that all of the official investigative reports blamed the decedent for the incident and put no blame at all on the operator of the log stacker.
  • I verd sout
    Our Client v. Southwest Forest Industries $1 million settlement following a jury trial in a case involving a logging incident in Siskiyou County. While reeling in a seven-ton log, the operator of a logging yarder sustained brain damage when the cable failed and caused the yarder to roll.
  • I verd amer
    Plaintiff v. Amerigas Inc.: $3,000,000 for Back Up Injuries The plaintiff was a surveyor who was preparing to set up a surveying job in a public cul de sac in a small central California town. He and his helper were kneeling down in the middle of the street on a sunny Summer day facing away from an Amerigas facility at the end of a quiet cul de sac. The plaintiff was wearing an orange tee shirt and no orange cones had yet been placed in the street because the actual surveying had not yet begun.
  • I verd john
    Our Clients v. John N. Petersen, Inc., James DenBeste and Jim DenBeste Trucking $2.265 million settlement in a wrongful death case in Sonoma County for the surviving wife and adult son of a 56-year-old Caltrans construction inspector who was backed over by a dump truck at a highway construction project just outside Willits.
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