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Burn Injury Recoveries

Burn Injury Recoveries

San Francisco California Fire Burn Lawyers Attorneys

1994: Oakland Hills Fire.
This case settled for $5 million. This was a case involving serious burn injuries to a husband and wife and the death of an elderly man, all of whom were victims of the Oakland Hills fire in 1991. Plaintiffs established the case against the City of Oakland for an inadequate escape route from the fire and against the Parkwood Apartments for failing to follow a fire safe landscape plan that had been mandated by the City of Oakland in return for a building permit. The landscape plan would have eliminated highly flammable eucalyptus trees. It was found that the eucalyptus trees accelerated the fire and made it difficult for people to evacuate.

1989: Cathedral Hill Hotel Fire, San Francisco.
This settled for $2.4 million. This was a Christmas tree fire that started at the Cathedral Hill Hotel on Van Ness and spread throughout the meeting room area of the hotel. The fire alarm system did not properly function and the hotel was loaded with toxic flammable furnishings (containing polyurethane foam), carpeting and wallpaper that emitted cyanide that disabled plaintiff and caused permanent lung damage.

1990: Bayview Industrial Park Explosion.
This case settled for $500,000. This was a major illegal fireworks explosion that literally blew the roof off the Bayview Industrial Park in the Hunter’s Point area of San Francisco . We represented a number of artists and small manufacturers who lost everything in the explosion.