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Products Liability Case Results

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Rosendin vs. Avco-Lycoming
$12.5 million verdict, including $10.5 million punitive damages, for wrongful death and personal injury arising from a small airplane crash due to a defectively manufactured magneto on one engine of a twin engine aircraft. The failure occurred on take-off, resulting in the loss of ignition and engine stoppage.

Brocklesbey vs. Jeppesen & Co.
$11.6 million verdict for the crash of a DC-9 jet aircraft and the death of its crew, due to a defective aeronautical navigational chart.

Our Client v. Butcher Boy Meat Grinders
$3.2 million verdict in a products liability case against the alter ego of and successor in interest to the manufacturer of a “Butcher Boy” meat grinder after a young man lost his right arm while operating the machine. The jury verdict included damages for destruction of evidence and punitive damages.

Our Client vs. Cessna Aircraft Corporation
$3 million settlement against manufacturer of a single engine airplane that crashed on take-off due to defectively designed fuel distribution system. The pilot suffered paraplegia because the defectively designed seat broke when the plane crash landed after the engine stopped because of fuel starvation.

Our Client v. Butcher Boy Meat Grinders
$1.5 million in settlements in products liability cases against the alter ego of and successor in interest to the manufacturer of a “Butcher Boy” meat grinder after several young operators sustained amputation injuries while using the machine.

Our Clients v. Confidential Hercules Refinery Construction Project
$1.4 million settlement for two construction workers who sustained serious injuries dismantling an old refinery in Hercules, California. Both men suffered crush injuries, one to his leg requiring an amputation and the other to his arm.

Our Client v. Southwest Forest Industries
$1 million settlement following a jury trial in a case involving a logging incident in Siskiyou County. While reeling in a seven-ton log, the operator of a logging yarder sustained brain damage when the cable failed and caused the yarder to roll.

Our Client vs. Confidential Aircraft Manufacturer
$1 million settlement against the manufacturers of a single engine airplane and fuel injector for the wrongful death of the pilot when the plane crashed on take-off because of fuel starvation due to defectively manufactured fuel pump.

Our Client vs. Foreign Trucking Company
$800,000 settlement for a teenage girl against a trucking company whose driver rear-ended the car she was a passenger in, causing a vertebra and disc injury.

Our Clients v. Target Stores, Inc.
$620,000 jury verdict in a wrongful death/products liability case arising out of an incident in the Lake Tahoe area in which a gust of wind lifted an occupied cabin tent off the ground and into the air. After the tent flew approximately 50 feet off the ground, the wind stopped. The tent and its occupant crashed into the large rocks below, causing the death of a man celebrating his 30th anniversary with his wife with a camping trip.

Automobile Battery Explosion – $550,000 Settlement
This personal injury/product liability case arose from the explosion of an automobile battery which occurred in San Francisco, California. 32 year old Andreas von Lowtzow, a German citizen, was in San Francisco for job interviews. He was staying with a friend, Frank Eggloff, who lived in Sausalito. At approximately 8:30 p.m., Mr. Lowtzow and Mr. Eggloff got into Mr. Eggloff’s car which was parked on Northpoint Street in San Francisco, after having visited a nearby health club. Mr. Eggloff was the driver and Mr. Lowtzow was the passenger. » Read More

Gazlay v. Safeway Corporation et al. Confidential Settlement
Our client was a San Francisco bachelor who invited a young lady over for a BBQ for Monday Night Football. He had a habit every morning of eating a Thomas’ English muffin and washing it down with Apple Time Unfiltered Apple Juice that came in a one gallon glass jug. His practice was to drink directly from the bottle because he lived alone. The bottle was sealed by a metal press on cap without threads that had a circular rubber gasket or seal around the inside of the cap. Read More

Our client v. Sears Roebuck, Vermont American et. al. $600,000.
This was a case involving the loss of an eye to a man who already was blind in the other eye. Our client resided in Crescent City, California and had a passion for wood working. He had a Sears circular table saw and it came with a metal insert and a plastic guard. He put a Vermont American carbide tipped saw blade on the saw. Carbide is very brittle when contacted by metal but it is very durable otherwise. » Read More

Our client v Nissan. Confidential settlement for claimed suspension defect, rollover, and roof crush of an Xterra SUV.
This products liability action involved allegations of design defects in a 2002 Nissan Xterra 4WD sports utility vehicle that allegedly caused a rollover, roof crush, and resulting quadriplegia. Plaintiffs’ contended that our client (at age 39), a former marathon runner, triathlete and bodybuilder, was driving on Interstate 5 with his family when rubber tire road debris struck the parking brake cable on the Xterra, activating the right rear parking brake and causing a loss of control. Plaintiffs’ contended that the roof of the Xterra buckled over our client’s head in the rollover, causing a C5-6 compression/flexion fracture and subluxation, spinal cord damage, and permanent paralysis. » Read More

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