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Sexual Molestation Cases

1978 – $200,000 settlement for our client vs. the United States Army.
A teacher employed at the Presidio of San Francisco daycare center allegedly fondled a young girl. This event was associated with evidence of devil worship and demonic symbols. The perpetrator also apparently dressed up with others as cartoon characters to reduce the chance that the children would be believed.

1994 – $300,000 for our client vs. Greek Orthodox Church of San Francisco.
A young girl allegedly was fondled by a Sunday school teacher who was given access to children in the church. There was no evidence of penetration. The perpetrator had a history of molestation of minors.

1996 – $400,000 for our client vs. Contra Costa County Regional Park District.
A county employed park ranger used his status to influence the parents of a young girl who allegedly was fondled by him after a ride in a row boat to a deserted portion of the county reservoir where he was stationed.

2000 – Confidential settlement for our client vs. S.F. Unified School District.
This case involved a ritualistic hazing and molestation of freshmen baseball players by their teammates at a S.F. public high school. The evidence established that the head coach knew about the “initiation” of freshmen by upperclassmen at an away tournament, simply turned his head and let it occur. The activity consisted of the freshmen having their choice of being beaten or fac sodomy with a foreign objection. The older boys also masturbated on the freshmen.

2001 – $350,000 our client vs. the Catholic Church.
This case involved a faux friar, i.e., a man masquerading as a monk who managed to establish a relationship with a south Bay Catholic Church and a devout family. He used this relationship to get close to the family’s teenage son. The monk dressed like a true Franciscan monk and used his influence to entice the teenage boy to his trailer which was located off church property where he allegedly showed pornography, smoked marijuana, drugged the plaintiff and fondled him. The man’s lack of credentials became evident after he took another teenager from the parish on a pilgrimage to Yugoslavia and drugged and molested him there.