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Sports and Recreational Accident Results

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The following results were dependent on the facts of that case. The results of other cases will differ if based on different facts.

Bike accident. Our client v. other driver.
Confidential settlement. Our client was riding a bicycle northbound on Danville Boulevard near the Alamo/Walnut Creek border in Contra Costa County. Our client was riding in the bicycle lane and was wearing a helmet. » Read More

Our Client v. City of Walnut Creek
$27.75 million verdict for a 20-year-old state diving champion who was rendered a quadriplegic when he collided with a synchronized swimmer during diving practice in a public pool. » Read More

Our Client v. Sand Hill Ranch Motocross Park, et al.
Contra Costa County Superior Court

Result: $3,043,491 ($2,268,491 binding arbitration award and $775,000 in settlement). » Read More

Our client v. St. Bernard’s High School.
$850,000 settlement. This incident occurred during Fall Practice for high school football at St. Bernard’s High School, a Catholic high school in Eureka, California. Plaintiff sustained a brain injury when he was performing tackling drills under the supervision of a school coach. » Read More

$671,000 wrongful death jury verdict in Alameda County. Our client v. Target Stores, Inc. and Academy Broadway, Inc.
Plaintiff and his wife decided to go camping for Memorial Day in the Hope Valley just to the south of Lake Tahoe. It was the couple’s anniversary so as a gift they purchased a new canvas cabin tent from Target Stores in Dublin, California. The tent was made in China but it was designed, assembled and marketed by a Smithtown, New York company named Academy Broadway Inc. » Read More

$125,000 settlement for the accidental shooting of a passerby.
Plaintiff was driving his convertible in Orinda, California with his wife and children in the car. He suddenly felt something hit his lower neck and pulled over to investigate. He was bleeding. He stopped at a nearby house to call 911 and started to feel worse. What had happened is that a young man in a house near the road was target shooting with a pellet gun, missed the target and hit plaintiff in the neck. The pellet penetrated deeply into his neck just missing his spinal cord. Plaintiff was left with a large area of residual numbness and some local scarring from the surgery to remove the pellet.

Our clients v. The Berkeley Marina. $100,000 settlement.
Plaintiff owned a sailboat that was docked at the Berkeley Marina. He was seriously injured when he tripped and fell on a defective feature of the dock that was caused by poor maintenance.

Our client v. Voit Products.
Confidential settlement amount. This incident happened at Trinity Lake (aka Clear Eagle Lake) near Weaverville, California. The plaintiff was the owner of an aircraft supply business at the Oakland Airport. » Read More

Our client v. Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Garaventa Ltd.
Confidential settlement amount. This is the very well known Squaw Valley tram accident that happened just north of Lake Tahoe in California at the Squaw Valley ski resort. The tragic events were made into a television movie. » Read More

Our clients v. The Mary Jane.
Confidential settlement. This is a double wrongful death action that happened just off the coast of Bodega Bay, California in the Pacific Ocean. The plaintiffs were the heirs of a father and son who went on a sports fishing outing for the day on a “party boat” called The Mary Jane. » » Read More

Our clients v. San Francisco Unified School District (Wallenberg High School).
Confidential settlement. Plaintiffs were several freshman on the high school baseball team. It had been a tradition at this particular high school that freshmen went through hazing to become members of the team. The head coach knew that this happened but turned a blind eye to it. The hazing happened on a road trip for a tournament. It consisted of sexual pranks that were degrading and demeaning to the freshmen. As a result, several of the players quit playing baseball and were emotionally traumatized by the sexual acts. The school defended by arguing that it was unaware of these activities and that any involvement by the freshman was consensual.

Our client v. Banks Maxwell Propeller Company.
Confidential settlement. Plaintiff was a young farmer who lived in Fortuna, California, in Humboldt County just south of Eureka. He purchased an airboat for fishing on one of the many shallow rivers in Humboldt County. » Read More

Our client v. Squaw Valley Ski Resort.
Confidential settlement. Plaintiff was skiing alone at a Sierra resort and it appeared as though the trail continued ahead and there were tracks to support that assumption. Plaintiff proceeded and went off a drop off into a creek bed seriously fracturing his ankle and foot. There were no signs or other warnings to indicate that the trail did not continue in that direction. Plaintiff sued the ski resort for negligence on the basis that the terrain was dangerous because it was not properly marked.

The defendant contended that the area was not misleading and that plaintiff assumed the risk of harm.

Our minor client v. An East Bay gymnastics center.
Confidential settlement. This incident happened at a gymnastics center east of San Francisco in Contra Costa County. The plaintiff was a young girl attending a birthday party for one of her friends which was being held at the center. The center had parallel bars, trampolines and other types of gymnastics equipment that was available for the children to use during the party.

Our client v. boat operator.
Confidential settlement. This was a wrongful death case arising out of an accident in the California Delta in Northern California. A husband and wife were boating and water skiing and the husband fell and was being retrieved by his wife. Unfortunately she was not a competent boat operator and she ran over her husband with the boat propeller killing him. The wrongful death action was brought by his children.

Our client v. cruise ship operator.
Confidential settlement. Our clients were passengers aboard a cruise ship that was embarking from Long Beach, California. The husband fell from the gangway as he was attempting to board the ship and fell 20 feet and bobbed up beneath the adjacent dock. He sustained serious lacerations on his head and nearly died because he could not find the edge of the dock to get to the surface. His wife witnessed the entire traumatic event.

Our client v. an amusement park operator.
Confidential minor’s settlement. Our client was a young boy from the Fremont, California area. His mother took him to a traveling amusement park and he took a ride on which had a large conveyor belt to move people through it. As he was nearing the end of the belt, his hand got caught in the comb and his palm was traumatically ripped off on his major hand. The ride was defective and dangerous in that there was ample room for a small hand to get beneath the comb and the moving belt.

Our client v. manufacturer of fireworks device.
Confidential settlement. Our client was a man in his 40’s from Fremont, California. For the 4th of July he bought some safe and sane fireworks with the intention of lighting them in his Fremont neighborhood with his children. » Read More

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