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Vehicular Accident Results

$650,000 Settlement with SF Double-Decker Tour Bus Company
On July 19, 2013 a Big Bus driver was operating a double decker tour bus on 12th Avenue in San Francisco when he collided with a low hanging telephone wire. This wire struck passengers on the open second deck of the bus seriously injuring one of them and also injuring three others. The Kinzls were Austrian tourists and the Farrels were tourists from Texas. Read More

$5,000,000 Settlement Due To Deadly Hit And Run Accident
On 2/27/14 our client’s father (age 65) was walking alongside Montgomery Drive in Santa Rosa en route to Spring Lake Park. He was the divorced father of a 17 year old son who spent about 60% of time with his father. The defendant, a local realtor, was operating his Mercedes eastbound on Montgomery. An eyewitness saw the defendant operating his car with both right tires about a foot to the right of the fog line immediately prior to the incident. Another witness saw a white Mercedes driving fast and recklessly in the direction of the scene of the incident. » Read More

Family Settles With Caltrans For Almost $1 Million.
This personal injury case settled for $950,000 one week before trial, “on the courthouse steps.” A family of four from Sonoma County was driving south on highway 101 when a large Acacia tree fell on their moving SUV. The tree crushed the roof and injured the families’ dad who was driving, and mom who was the front seat passenger. Two small children were in the rear seat area and were not injured. » Read More

$2,000,000 settlement due to Motorcycle Accident.
On July 17, 2008 our 49-year-old client was riding his Harley Davidson in the #1 east lane of State Route 104, aka Twin Cities Road, in Galt California. There was a vehicle in the adjacent east lane, to his right, slowing to make a right turn into the main commercial driveway of a shopping center. As our client was driving past the main commercial driveway an automobile driven by defendant Morales pulled out of the driveway to make a left turn onto westbound SR 104. Defendant Morales’s vision of our client was blocked by the right turning vehicle until too late, and the Morales vehicle struck our client’s right foot. » Read More

$3,000,000 settlement for Plaintiff v. Amerigas Inc. for Back Up Injuries.
The plaintiff was a surveyor who was preparing to set up a surveying job in a public cul de sac in a small central California town. He and his helper were kneeling down in the middle of the street on a sunny Summer day facing away from an Amerigas facility at the end of a quiet cul de sac. The plaintiff was wearing an orange tee shirt and no orange cones had yet been placed in the street because the actual surveying had not yet begun. » Read More

$500,000 settlement for Our client v. Truck driver.
$500,000 settlement for the wrongful death of a 55 year old divorced man from Moraga, California. Plaintiff was riding his bicycle with a group of other cyclists around San Pablo Reservoir just north of Orinda, California. » Read More

$900,000 settlement for facial injuries.
Plaintiff was the wife of the defendant who owned a vintage Austin Martin convertible and was a member of a touring club that held rallies. Plaintiff accompanied her husband on such a rally in the Monterey, California area. » Read More

Our client v. Driver of a car.
Confidential settlement amount. This incident occurred in Redwood City, California and was a “dooring” case involving serious injuries to a bicyclist who was the plaintiff. » Read More

$850,000 Our Client v. A Major Trucking Company and Individual Defendant.
Our client was a New York resident visiting his friend in San Francisco when their disabled vehicle was struck from behind by an 18-wheeler in a well lit area. » Read More

$5.5 million settlement for Our Client v. State of California.
Plaintiff brought a case against the State of California for a dangerous condition of public property for failing to more clearly mark a dangerous curve in the highway. The vehicle the Plaintiff was riding in missed the curve and rolled over, rendering him an immediate C4-5 quadriplegic. » Read More

Our Client v. David Weibe, Engenio Information Technologies, Inc.
$2.7 million dollar mediated settlement for our client who sustained left leg fractures and multiple surgeries as a result of the negligence of the defendant who made an illegal left turn and crashed his automobile into the side of our client who was operating a motorcycle.

Our Clients v. Soda Bottling Company
$1.05 settlement for the heirs of a 77-year-old auto repair mechanic who was crushed to death under a large soda delivery truck that made a wide right turn and proceeded in the opposite lanes of traffic. The truck collided head-on with decedent’s car, climbed up onto the hood, windshield, and roof, and came to rest on top of decedent.

Our Client v. A Major Trucking Company and Individual Defendant
The case was filed in San Francisco Superior Court and was settled at mediation for $850,000 after extensive discovery. Our client was from New York City. When he was younger he went to a prep school in California and one of is good friends resided in the Palo Alto area. » Read More

Our Clients v. Confidential Timber Company
$900,000 mediated settlement to the family of a 56 year old man who was crushed in his car on his way to work by a large four wheeled log stacker in a Humboldt County timber mill. The settlement was reached despite the fact that all of the official investigative reports blamed the decedent for the incident and put no blame at all on the operator of the log stacker.

Our Client vs. Confidential Airline
$500,000 settlement to a woman who suffered an ankle fracture due to combination of pilot error in the control of a jet airliner and turbulence. The flight crew subsequently attempted to cover up the fact that they allowed the aircraft to descend below assigned altitude and had to abruptly correct flight path.

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